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Art von Frei
Brunnenstr. 187
10119 Berlin
T +49 (0) 30 47 59 54 50

Dienstag - Freitag: 12 - 18 Uhr
Saturday: 12 - 16 Uhr
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Direkt gegenüber der U8 Haltestelle Rosenthaler Platz Ausgang Brunnenstraße. Zwischen Torstrasse und Invalidenstrasse.


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Brunnenstraße 187
10119 Berlin


Art von Frei is a gallery for contemporary art based in Berlin Germany. Represented artist include Jim Avignon,  Fehmi Baumbach, Aviv Benn, Sascha Boldt, Jos Diegel, Thomas Draschan, Ottmar Hoerl, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll, Jens-Ole Remmers, Ann Schomburg


Welcome to Art von Frei! A place where you can discover unique works of art by young, emerging and established artists. We represent a wide range of mediums including collage, drawing, painting, sculpture and their enlargement into the performative. 

Welcome to Art von Frei!

Art von Frei is an innovative gallery for contemporary art based in Berlin. We represent young, emerging and established international artists such as Li Alin, Jim Avignon, Fehmi Baumbach, Aviv Benn, Uta Brauser, Sascha Boldt, Kiddy Citny, Evelin, Ottmar Hörl, Teko van Kuyk, Jina Park and Jens-Ole Remmers. A large number of them extend their studio practice and visual media into the performative, and their actions and exhibitions into the public space. Among the represented mediums are performance, virtual reality, street art, collage, drawing, video, painting, and sculpture. 

Art von Frei was founded in March 2015 by the artist-curator Eva Moll to provide access to cutting edge art through eclectic exhibitions, performances, happenings, and artist talks. The first 3 years the gallery was located at Brunnenstraße 187 next to Rosenthaler Platz. In March 2018 the gallery business location moved to Unter den Linden 10 in Berlin Mitte. Art von Frei offers art and exhibitions for the public, private and business sector; sight-specific, indoors and outdoors. We also gladly consults you on creating or expanding your art collection. Feel free to contact us to find out about available artworks. Sign up now for our free newsletter to learn more about our events, offers and the experience art through Art von Frei: