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Art von Frei
Brunnenstr. 187
10119 Berlin
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Dienstag - Freitag: 12 - 18 Uhr
Saturday: 12 - 16 Uhr
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Direkt gegenüber der U8 Haltestelle Rosenthaler Platz Ausgang Brunnenstraße. Zwischen Torstrasse und Invalidenstrasse.


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10 Unter den Linden
Berlin, Berlin, 10117


Art von Frei is a gallery for contemporary art based in Berlin Germany. Represented artist include Jim Avignon,  Fehmi Baumbach, Aviv Benn, Sascha Boldt, Jos Diegel, Thomas Draschan, Ottmar Hoerl, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll, Jens-Ole Remmers, Ann Schomburg

Li Alin



Since 1996, Li Alin presents art works questioning evolution strategies and human reproduction. Her projects include a notorious internet sperm bank Eugenie sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris, the provocative sperm distribution Weisser Marktin the Zoologischer Stadtgarten Karlsruhe and her ovum and sperm recruiting session Eugenie2.0 in the dome of the Society of Art and Technology in Montreal. Her latest project, Enter Me Tonight (EMT) is an interdisciplinary project including books, sculptures, prints, virtual reality and a serie of reading-performances.

• Born in Montreal in 1976. Lives und works in Berlin.

• Exhibitions among others at Real Art Estate, space for Contemporary Arts (Berlin), Art von Frei Gallery (Berlin) Haus der Elektronischen Künste (Basel) and at re:publica (Berlin). 

• She is also the co-founder and co-director of Real Art Estate (RAE) with Marcus Sendlinger with whom she’s collaborating on different art projects. The RAE farm is a "Gesamtkunstwerk, an experimental interdisciplinary Art. Land project that question gentrification and the fragmentation of knowledge and it is situated 50 km from Berlin.