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Art von Frei
Brunnenstr. 187
10119 Berlin
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Direkt gegenüber der U8 Haltestelle Rosenthaler Platz Ausgang Brunnenstraße. Zwischen Torstrasse und Invalidenstrasse.


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Brunnenstraße 187
10119 Berlin


Art von Frei is a gallery for contemporary art based in Berlin Germany. Represented artist include Jim Avignon,  Fehmi Baumbach, Aviv Benn, Sascha Boldt, Jos Diegel, Thomas Draschan, Ottmar Hoerl, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll, Jens-Ole Remmers, Ann Schomburg

Nina Ansari engl



Nina Ansari is best known for her varied use of printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, and installation to examine the underlying structures of language and perception. In her superdot paintings, Ansari is buliding pieces on carton with stencils and a spray gun, aiming it at different angles to pronounce the surfaces’ highlights and textures. Her experimental practice can be seen as a material testing ground and conceptual laboratory that investigates diverse personal, social and political themes. Nina Ansari opens up an associative space to the viewer, that allows everyone to see something different in the life of the scenes, and with a little patience, the viewer can immerse himself in the depth of the images.

• lives and works Berlin

• gratuades with honors under Prof. Heiner Blum at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach am Main, Germany

• received several scholarships like the Erasmus Grant, DAAD Faculty of Fine Arts Barcelona 2007/08, A Word of Art Africa 2011, Art, Science and Technology Center CAMAC (working scholarship provided by the French government) 2016 and has presented the works in solo shows and group exhibitions, like as the Museum Arsenals of Contemporary Art of Riga, 21s House Museum of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Macedonia, UGM Maribor Art Museum, Haus der Kulturen der Welten