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Brunnenstraße 187
10119 Berlin


Art von Frei is a gallery for contemporary art based in Berlin Germany. Represented artist include Jim Avignon,  Fehmi Baumbach, Aviv Benn, Sascha Boldt, Jos Diegel, Thomas Draschan, Ottmar Hoerl, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll, Jens-Ole Remmers, Ann Schomburg

Akram Assam



Akram Assam (*1985 / IRQ) graduated at the College of Fine Arts of the Baghdad University at the Theatre department in 2010. Since then he has been working as an actor and director in the field of cinema and theater. He is currently employed in the Cinema and Theatre Department, Ministry of Culture, Republic of Iraq and a member of the National Theater Ensemble. He extends his in the performing arts to the contemporary art context. The media of his fine arts include performance art and collage. His Photoshop collages of the series "The Other Life" show various historic buildings in Baghdad. He shot the photos with his iPhone. All buildings are upside-down reflected. He wants to express the hope to find the same life, but in a better and safer place.

• Lives and works in Bagdad and Berlin

• Scholarship, Akademie der Künste, Berlin (2017-2018) 

• Exhibitions include "AGORA ARTES – Interplay of the Arts", Junge Akademie, Akademie der Künste Berlin (2018) / “Day and Night – Positions from Baghdad” Kunstverein Arnsberg e.V., Germany (2016) / TARKIB Baghdad Independent Arts Festival at Muntada Theater Baghdad (2016) / TARKIB Exhibition Series at Karim Wasfi’s Peace Through Arts Centre (2016) / TARKIB Installation Exhibition at Burjbabl Baghdad (2015)

• Award for Best Director, "4Black", Young Experimental Theater Festival, Muntada Theater, Baghdad (2015) 

• Theater director of "Interview", playwriter Alaa Hussein, National Theater Baghdad (2014) Hali Roschinbiri Suleymania (2014), Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg Berlin (2015) und Theater an der Ruhr (2016) // "4Black", playwriter Saleh Mansi, Muntada Theater Baghdad (2015) // "Plato", playwriter Jassem Al Aboudi, College of Fine Arts Baghdad (2011) // "House of Houses", playwriter Jassem Al Aboudi, Institute of Fine Arts Baghdad (2007) // Theatre assistent director of "Takeover", directed by Ibrahim Hanoon, National Theater Baghdad (2014) and "Shouts", directed by Duraid Abdul Wahab, Thalea Theater Baghdad (2006)

Theatre actor of "Eastern Democratic Syndrome", directed by Haytham Abdulrazzaq, Muntada Theater Baghdad (2010) / "Ice", directed by Samad Aladdin (2010), "End of the Game", directed by Hassan Ismail (2009) / "Sptaatl", directed by Abbas Duraid (2008) / "Haaaaa", directed by Khrear Abdullah (2008) / "Pale Face", directed by Sarmad Aladdin (2008) / "Phobia", directed by Sarmad Aladdin (2007) / "Orchestra", directed by Sarmad Aladdin (2006) / "Last Breath", directed by Muhannad Rasheed (2005) / "Worried", directed by Duraid Abdul Wahab (2005)

Cinema director of "Identity", short documentary (2013) // Cinema assistant director of "The Christians of Iraq", documentary, directed by Laith Abdul Amir (2011) / "Knepper HUD", documentary, directed by Gde Salah (2010) / "SOS", documentary, directed by Uday Salah (2010) / "Images", documentary, directed by Angel Abdul Ali (2010) // Cinema actor of "Palih", short fiction directed by Ahmed Dajjadji (2009) and "Young Offenders", short fiction directed by Omar Abdullah (2008)

• Education: 2002-2006 Institute of Fine Arts, theater department // 2006-2011 College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University, theater department // 2011-2013 Workshops and online education series offered by Sada // 2015-2016 Artseminars offered by Goethe-Institute Iraq – Workshops offered by Iraqi Independent Film Centre (IIFC) // 2015 Participation at the International Forum at Theatertreffen Berlin                                                                                                      

AKRAM ASSAN // "Another Life" // Collage // 2015