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Art von Frei
Brunnenstr. 187
10119 Berlin
T +49 (0) 30 47 59 54 50

Dienstag - Freitag: 12 - 18 Uhr
Saturday: 12 - 16 Uhr
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Direkt gegenüber der U8 Haltestelle Rosenthaler Platz Ausgang Brunnenstraße. Zwischen Torstrasse und Invalidenstrasse.


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Brunnenstraße 187
10119 Berlin


Art von Frei is a gallery for contemporary art based in Berlin Germany. Represented artist include Jim Avignon,  Fehmi Baumbach, Aviv Benn, Sascha Boldt, Jos Diegel, Thomas Draschan, Ottmar Hoerl, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll, Jens-Ole Remmers, Ann Schomburg

Fehmi Baumbach



Cut, copy, paste, splendid new world! Fehmi Baumbach disassembles images and words. Cuttings from drawings, encyclopedias, paintings and photos are reassembled to form dreamlike states. Figures move into the centers of their new universes. Cosmonauts, renaissance beauties, saints & secretaries talk in monologues. They enter dialogues that are on the edge of reality. Sometimes they scream. A certain sound exerts from within these compositions as the artist always surrounds herself with music. Her images become catchy like a good song yet still have the ambiguity that draws you into these modern day images.

• Lives and works in Berlin

• 1997 - 2015 Moved to Berlin, exhibiting in important spaces of the art scene

• 1996 - 1999 Studied fine art at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig

• Exhibitions include Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Doc4 Hamburg (2015), Schloß Wolfenbüttel (2013), Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden (2010), Kunsthalle Lüneburg (2007), Goetheinstitut Athen (2007), Galerie Wewerka Berlin (2005), Artmuseum Jyväskylä Finnland (2003)

FEHMI BAUMBACH // "david bowie" // Collage on paper // 2016